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Why it Pays to Stage a Small Yard Before Selling

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Does your home have a smallish yard? They are pretty common in some downtown Salt Lake City neighborhoods such as Marmalade and the Avenues.

This can be a turn off to buyers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you plan to sell your Salt Lake City home, there are several tricks that can make a small yard more welcoming. For example, a narrow backyard and wall could be decorated with concrete stain, planters, and bright furniture converting it into a private courtyard.

Homebuyers often struggle to envision a space decorated and looking its best…you have to do it for them. This is why 81% of buyers report staging helps them visualize a property as a future home (NAR 2015 Survey). So why not stage your yard? Especially if the yard is sized-challenged, staging could make a huge difference in the sale of your home.

The secret is in the details when it comes to maximizing appeal with minimal garden space. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Vertical Climbers

Climbing plants like wisteria and ivy can cling to your fences and grow upwards, allowing you to enjoy some greenery without planting large flowerbeds and sacrificing your square footage. The vertical growth also attracts the eye upwards and offers a pleasant view.

Small Seating Areas

Even the tiniest of backyards can fit one or two small seats, so take the chance to create an intimate seating area where you can entertain and enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. This brings a chic vibe to your outdoor space and gives it a function even if rolling lawns and ball games aren’t an option.

Focal Points

Try to introduce something eye-catching that can become the focal point of your backyard. It might be a cozy seating nook, a relaxing water feature, a fire pit, or a minimal sculpture. A key garden feature will make your space look organized and curated rather than a neglected real estate afterthought.

Bright Floral Borders

Plant brightly colored flowers at the front of any flowerbeds or pots. Your eye will be drawn to these colorful borders and the background will fade, making plainer shrubs planted in the background seem deeper. This allows you to create the illusion of distance behind your cleverly defined floral boundaries.

Light Fences

Paint your walls or fences in an understated color like white, cream, or eggshell blue, to enhance light and avoid the sense of dark walls closing in on your small backyard. Pale garden boundaries are modern and welcoming so they’re a great addition to a limited outdoor space.

Forget The Lawn

Grass can look good in larger gardens but it really isn’t necessary when you’re working with smaller spaces. The cost of maintenance isn’t justified, so patio or decking are good alternatives.

Kitchen Garden Planters

If you want to grow a chic and useful kitchen garden without giving up ground space, introduce a vertical rack of flowerpots that you can use to grow herbs and vegetables. You can even repurpose an old bookshelf to bring a bohemian vibe to your backyard.

Keep It Neat

The last thing you need in a small space is a mass of clutter. Don’t keep gardening tools, trashcans, bikes, or toy boxes on display in your garden when space is already limited. Find somewhere else for the mess and keep your backyard as neat and uncluttered as possible.

Look at your small backyard as a chance to get creative, not a negative aspect of your real estate. There are plenty of design options available to create an inviting atmosphere and maximize your outdoor space.

Stage Your Small Yard to Sell -