Living in Salt Lake City

Many people are surprised when they first visit Salt Lake City. Between the mountainous skyline, hip culture, and emerging foodie scene, there’s a lot to like. However, before visiting, most don’t know what to expect.

Here are some facts about Salt Lake City that you’ll likely find both informative and surprising:

Economy and Jobs

The difference between a fun city to visit and a great city to call home is a thriving economy. Luckily, Salt Lake City delivers on both. The city’s economy and job market frequently rank high on national listings thanks to a low unemployment rate and robust business growth. For eight years in a row, Utah has been ranked the top state poised for economic growth by the American Legislative Exchange Council, and Forbes ranked it 8th on its list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers.

As of June 2015:

  • Unemployment: 3.5%
  • Job Growth: 3.0%
  • Major Industries: Healthcare, transportation, and tourism.

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Cost of Living

Cost of living is an important part of any relocation decision. The cost of living in Salt Lake City is close to the national average (about 3% higher) and the median home price is $237,600. This means half of the homes cost less and half cost more.

Landscape and Climate

Of course the economy of the city only part of why people love to live here. The landscape and climate in and around Salt Lake City combine to provide a fun and picturesque outdoor playground. The city sits in a valley bordered by dramatic mountain ranges. It has the sunny days, cool nights, and low humidity of a desert, yet lush forests are only a few minutes away thanks to the mountains. In the valley we enjoy four distinct seasons, including spectacular spring flowers. In winter, we receive some snow, but how much varies year to year. In the summer, it’s uncommon for temperatures to top 100°, but with the low humidity, it doesn’t feel that hot. Of course this means you will need to stock up on body lotion!

Meanwhile, the mountains offer over 500” of snow to skiers who visit from around the globe each winter. In summer, wildflowers carpet the slopes in reds, pinks, yellows, and blues.

Culture and Diversity

Salt Lake City is a tapestry of races, religions, and lifestyles. Named the 8th Gayest City in America by Advocate in 2014, the LGBTQ community here is active and cohesive.

A strong work ethic is part of our culture, but we also know how to enjoy life. A spectrum of music, theater, dance, and visual art events can be found at any given time. Salt Lake is large enough to have a vibrant art scene, yet small enough to offer easy parking and manageable crowds. And don’t miss the emerging food scene which has been recognized on several national lists recently. Check out my favorite foodie haunts.

One common thread you’ll notice here is a love of the outdoors. Whether it’s an appreciation of mountain views, or the pursuit of adventure, most people here are connected to the natural landscape in some way. Visit my recreation page for more information on Salt Lake City’s outdoor scene.

Like many cities, the inclusiveness, vibe, and energy of each neighborhood varies, so it’s a good idea to visit plenty of areas to find what feels right to you. From quiet tree-lined streets, to the historic enclaves and modern condos of downtown, there’s a good fit for all.

Family Friendly

There is no doubt that Salt Lake City is family friendly. It has an only slightly higher family size than the rest of the nation, but you’ll find that kids are welcome most anywhere, especially outdoors. recently named Salt Lake City one of the top cities to raise outdoorsy kids. Venture out hiking, climbing, or skiing, and you’ll find families playing together.

I hope this gives you a bit of the “feel” Salt Lake City offers. If you have more questions about the area, or specific neighborhoods, contact me now. I’d be happy to share a local’s view with you!

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