How to sell a home fast in winter.

Five Tips for Selling a Home Fast in Winter

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Most people tend to think of spring and summer as the ideal times of year to sell a Salt Lake City home. It’s easy to show your home off to its best advantage during these seasons, with flowers in bloom and the trees full of leaves. Winter can also be a good time to sell, however, since you may face less competition from other sellers. Additionally, our mind-blowing ski and snowboard scene attracts visitors from all over the country. Instead of colorful spring flowers, you’ll need to use some creativity to make sure your home looks gorgeous. These five tips will help your home shine, even in the middle of winter:

Add landscape lighting

Many prospective buyers may be visiting your home for the first time after dark, since the sun sets earlier in the winter. Brighten your home’s exterior with some well-placed landscape lighting along the walkway and high-traffic areas. Additionally, use lighting to highlight landscaping features such as evergreen trees, stone features, and other attractive trimmings. This will add depth and a feeling of luxury plus give your home a warm, welcoming appearance that buyers will appreciate.

Utilize plants

Plants can add color and natural beauty even during winter. Lavender or snowdrops can be strategically placed to brighten dark or less-interesting areas of the outside of your home. For inspiration, visit Red Butte Gardens. They maintain a lovely landscape through all seasons. Poinsettias can add interest to the front door, but make sure to replace them with another pretty plant after the first of the year. Holly with berries can also add a pop of greenery and color, especially around the holidays.

Paint the front door

Paint your front door a cheery shade to brighten the front of your home. Don’t feel limited to choosing darker colors like black or hunter green. Instead opt for fun shades of sage green, spicy orange, or even a vivid blue. Get this done as soon as possible, since you won’t be able to perform the chore in harsher temperatures (< 40º F).

Make your home is warm and welcoming

It may be tempting to turn off the heat if you’re not currently living in your home, but it makes your home feel uncomfortable and unwelcoming. A warm home can feel like a refuge from the cold weather. If you have a fireplace with gas logs, turn them on or ask your Realtor if he or she can help warm up the home before a showing or open house. Decorate around the hearth area to create a warm, welcoming focal point.

Use holiday decorations wisely

If your home is on the market near the holidays, tasteful decorations can help it stand out in a positive way. Clear lights and fresh-smelling greenery might seem attractive, but if your home has so many decorations that it’s on your city’s unofficial drive-by tour of holiday lights, it may not appeal to every buyer. Fresh greenery placed on the mantel utilized in a door wreath will also add some color and a natural, pleasant fragrance along with some holiday cheer. Consider using clear lights around the front entry throughout winter to add interest and a “winter wonderland” feel.

Adding some curb appeal to your home can be more challenging in the winter than in other months, but it’s well worth the effort. With just a little time and minimal expense, you can make your home stand out from other Salt Lake City homes for sale and make a positive impression on prospective buyers.

If you have questions about selling during the winter months, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to share my years of expertise selling in all seasons!

How to sell a home fast in winter.